Perceval House – Ealing

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Project Description

A comprehensive creative marketing suite including the branding, brochure and website for this landmark development opportunity in Ealing.

A wonderfully ambitious development proposal in the heart of Ealing, Perceval House – Ealing called for a complete marketing media suite; branding, website, print, digital, email and advertising. We love getting stuck into projects like this and working closely with the client to develop a brand that stands out, and speaks to the nature of the development itself. The logo developed combined a steadfast clean typeface with an energetic, script style ‘Ealing’. Complimenting this was a blue and gold colour palette – contemporary and high end.

Our photographer captured lifestyle images across the town centre as well as architectural snaps. We combined this with the client’s own photos to establish the visual base for all formats and honestly represent the desirable and eclectic life in Ealing. To compliment this we designed some infographics to boldly state key facts and figures promoting living, and working in Ealing, which was extremely well received.

Client: Lambert Smith Hampton