Haggerston Baths

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Project Description

A digital and printed promotional campaign for the sale of a unique & disused swimming baths property in London.

An incredible property in the heart of Haggerston, London, the old swimming baths building was looking for a revitalisation. To help promote the building and its offerings we were brought on to design and produce both a printed brochure and a brochure website, inclusive of a secure data room.

Tasked with branding the property, as well as designing the promotional material, we rolled out a super cool look befitting of the Haggerston and the unique interior of the baths. Rather than simply aimed at residential developers, our client was interested in attracting offers for other distinctive uses to really transform the property. The design of the brochure and website had to appeal to a wide audience.

Functionality is a key driver behind any website and we were proud to be able to offer more analytics and functionality to the site than they had received from other providers. A simple to manage and secure data room was packaged neatly within the website design.

Client: BNP Paribas
Website: www.haggerstonbaths.co.uk