Preston Hall

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Project Description

Print and online marketing material to promote an historic property.

When given the go ahead for the Preston Hall marketing design job we were asked to create something befitting of the beautiful building itself. The challenge to manifest this in both print and digital work was, as ever, one we were very much up for.

After sending our architectural photographers out to capture the grandeur, scale, and details of the property we had great images to use across all of the material. The final brochure was printed on textured, heavyweight, uncoated paper to give it a truly luxurious feel. Minimal gold foiling on the otherwise blank and uninterrupted front cover set the tone for the 6 page printed brochure.

The website not only contained a secure and controlled data room but also served as a digital glimpse of the interior, exterior and surrounding area of Preston Hall. All images could be magnified and inspected to great detail and the site was fully responsive for on the go viewing.

Client: BNP Paribas