Project Description

Filled with indie editorial content, the design and functionality of SPN had to reflect that cutting-edge and liberated culture, all packaged within a 5 star digital magazine. Working closely with some of the best technical experts we were able to deliver visually striking articles that worked effortlessly across tablets, phones & desktops.

Released seasonally throughout the year, each issue takes on a different design challenge whilst maintaining an overarching brand identity. In developing the brand itself we based its identity on retro colours and font styling, but within an entirely modern setting. The logo gives a subtle nod to historical Spanish culture through the incorporation of a stylised ‘ñ’ as well as a primary red tone.

An all encompassing project, we have also worked on the website, digital, and print marketing for SPN on behalf of the Spanish Tourist Office.

Client: Spanish Tourist Office
Website: (expired)
Online magazine: